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Now to 1.0

The first production release will be 1.0.

Core :

  • Use the TwigGenerator as a vendor #33
  • Make a magic installer #33
  • Implement credentials for actions and columns
  • Implement non HTML5 validators #17 Moved to 1.1
  • Implement the owner credential
  • Add batch actions
  • Implement nested set for propel and doctrine
  • Fix mongodb types #31

ActiveAdminTheme :

  • Continue the integration of forms

Documentation :

  • On how to skin the admin
  • On validators
  • On TwigGenerator

1.0 to 1.1

Core :

  • Remove dependency on SensioGenerator by using the TwigGenerator for command line
  • Add ability to export in XML, CSV, XLS
  • Implement a show action with chained admin to make easy to edit related objects
  • Adding tests and behat tests
  • Implement non HTML5 validators #17


  • Implement a menu in yaml probably by making a PR to KNP

Skins ?

  • Probaly a mobile theme


  • Of course, always documentation

1.1 to 1.2

Core :

  • Make spesialized lists (Datagrid, Nested Set, Orderable)
  • Add an ajax datagrid ?
  • Add a search engine wich allow you to filter into the entire admin objects
  • Make a magic dashboard

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