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    How To Contribute ?

    Here are the best ways you can contribute to the project.

    You just fork the Admingenerator project on github and then provide Pull Requests and /or submit issues.

    Submit an issue

    The ticketing system hosted on Github:

    Make a Pull Request

    The best way to submit a patch is to make a Pull Request on Github. First, create a new branch from master and then from your local project type:

    > git checkout -b fix-my-patch master

    Now make your changes in this branch. Important: Please provide unit tests with your patch. This will expedite the Pull request to prove that the patch actually fixes the bug.

    Then when you are done, you need to rebase your branch to provide a clean and safe Pull Request.

    > git checkout master
    > git pull --ff-only upstream master
    > git checkout fix-my-patch
    > git rebase master

    In this example, the upstream remote is the official repository.

    Once done, you can submit the Pull Request by pushing your branch to your fork:

    > git push origin fix-my-patch

    Go to the and press the Pull Request button. Add a short description to this Pull Request and submit it.

    Running Unit Tests

    We use PHPUnit to test the build and runtime frameworks.

    You can find the unit test classes and support files in the Tests directory.

    Install PHPUnit

    In order to run the tests, you must install PHPUnit:

    > pear channel-discover
    > pear install phpunit/PHPUnit

    Running Functionnal Tests

    We are starting to build behat tests, which you can run on the AdmingeneratorIpsum project with your fork as vendor

    app/console -e=test behat --init @AdmingeneratorGeneratorBundle