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    The generator.yml

    Main configuration

    Fields configuration

    This section of configuration is valid for all param.fields sections :

    • your_field_name: your_field_name correspond to the field you want to configure
      • label: string The label of your field
      • getter: string To change the getter used to show the field value
      • help: string Add an help message with your field
      • sort_on: string Change the column to sort the list
      • filter_on: string Change the column used for filtering
      • dbType: string Simulate that your column is another database storage type. (Eg to tell a string is a date, or for virtual columns)
      • formType: string Change the type used in form (eg replace a input text by a choice list)
      • formOptions: array Rewrite all option for your type, key/values of the array is passed to the form field
      • addFormOptions: array Define complentary form option, but keep those ones calculated by the generator
      • credentials: string The credential expression used to secure the field
      • extras: array Extra configurations for specific fields
        • new_label: string For collection fields, the label used on the add action

    List configuration

    Scopes configuration

    Scopes enable you to create short filter button on the top of the table

    • scopes:
      • group_name: array Only one scope per group can be activated as same time (group_name is your own group key name)
        • "Filter name": array The key name correspond of the label for the scope button
          • default: false boolean Is this scope selected by default
          • filters: array Filter to apply when scope is selected